A Complete Pillow & Quilt service

Today ‘Pillows and Quilts’ a family owned business still offers the same service as the Superior Quilt Company’.

For the past 10 years we have provide our customers with a rejuvenation service for quilts and pillows. This service still is being offered to our customers with a 24hr pickup and delivery service.

We also manufacture feather and down pillows, quilts, scatter cushions, upholstery seats and feather wrap cushions to specific customer requirements.

All types of filling are available duck feather, duck down, Feather / Polyester Fibre, Feather/Foam, Air ball Fibre etc…

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Rejuvenation – Pillows,Quilts and Cushions

Tired, dirty, old and flat pillows?

We guarantee you a healthier, more comfortable night’s sleep!

Pillows and Quilts has revolutionised the way we think in regard to health and hygiene in our bedding. Our services are especially valuable to asthma, hay fever and allergy sufferers.

Did you know that tests performed at the University of Adelaide demonstrated that over 700 litres of body liquids pass through the average couples quilt over 3 to 4 years! The ideal breeding ground for dust mites.

Over time the soiled filling in your quilt clumps together which means it holds less air and makes your quilt flatter and colder.

So take advantage of our NEXT DAY SERVICE and get your Quilts and Pillows cleaned and totally rejuvenated for a fraction of the cost of buying new ones!

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